Friday, August 3, 2007

Openly Gay Bishop Gene Robinson endorses Barak Obama!

America's first openly gay Episcopal bishop, New Hampshire's Gene Robinson, yesterday endorsed presidential hopeful Sen.Barack Obama.

Robinson says he was lured to Obama's campaign because of the Illinois Democrat's experience with racism and discrimination.
Robinson says he hopes to persuade Obama to embrace marriage for gay and lesbian couples.
Obama supports civil unions and rights for gay couples, but stops short of supporting gay marriage.
Robinson has drawn worldwide criticism from conservatives since his consecration as bishop in 2003.

Bishop Gene Robinson made pretty good choice in Obama. Anybody's better than Bush, even Rudy Giuliani. I already knew the GOP lacks gay support. GOP is already hypocritical with sex scandal, lies, and cheating. I haven't made my choice yet. It's either, Hillary, Obama, or Edwards on the Dems side. On the GOP just Rudy Giuliani. My Choice will be made known in 2008!


Anonymous said...

Another misguided voter. Bush made it President twice, he must have been an ideal choice over many candidates and certainly more worthwhile than Obama can ever be.

We should not allow any candidate that support immoral lifestyles, such as homosexuality. Obama is a known supporter of this vile lifestyle and therefore he cannot be trusted.

Justice MH said...

@Captain:P You're just as misguided, of not more!

Homosexuality is NOT a lifestyle!
A**hole! The blind and ignorant love to be that way!