Friday, May 11, 2007

Anti-gay pastor pied by Teen!

A teenager faces possible criminal charges after throwing a cream pie at the pastor of a breakaway Episcopal parish as the cleric was leading Sunday worship.

The pastor of Grace Church and St. Stephen's Parish, the Rev. Donald Armstrong, was reading a Church of England sermon called "Of Christian Love and Charity" at the time. He ducked and the pie missed him.

The man, Marcus Hyde, 18, tried to escape, but parishioners chased and caught him. Tim Chambers, a parishioner who witnessed the May 5th incident, described it on his blog,, saying, "This act was hateful. It was an invasion of sacred space."

According to a police report, the suspect said he was passing judgment on Armstrong. Hyde declined to comment when reached by phone, saying he needed to talk to a lawyer first.

The Episcopal Diocese of Colorado late last year had moved to suspend Armstrong while it investigated allegations against him of financial misconduct. Armstrong has denied wrongdoing.

The pastor returned to the theologically conservative parish in March, when church leaders voted to leave the liberal-leaning Episcopal Church. The U.S. denomination caused an uproar in 2003 when it consecrated the first openly gay Episcopal bishop.

Hyde faces potential misdemeanor charges of harassment, trespassing, criminal mischief and disrupting a lawful assembly, police Sgt. Vince Niski said.

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Justice MH's Thoughts: I feel that the teen who threw the pie in the pastor's face was not the thing to do in a Church. I know he had good reasons, but that is not the way to handle a situation. We all need to learn respect for each other no matter how much we disagree or don't like one another! Then again, karma can be a b*tch sometimes!


Anonymous said...

He should be charged and taught a lesson.

ponoono said...

@Captain: charged with what fool??

what crime did the boy commit?

if u actually read the story.. there was no pie contact.. so what crime did he attempt to commit?

if anything.. the boy needs to be sentenced to a month at pitching camp.

hey justice... what church is this where you get pie along with the sermon?>

Justice MH said...

@ captian: only a response like that would come from you!

@ponoono: LOL, i don't know. Some church do have snack after worship like cake, cookies or punch!

In my opinion this pastor deserves more than a pie, if you know what i mean! he must have been a asshole about gays, and this teen wanted some revenge!