Thursday, May 24, 2007

Ex-gays cruise mall = No cure and Fraud!!!

Truth Wins Out has a video promo out featuring Shawn O'Donnell, who wasted ten years of his life and nearly $50,000 on therapy and “ex-gay” ministries. It didn't work! While at New Hope, an Affiliate of Exodus International, Shawn would join several so-called “ex-gays” on Sundays to cruise the local mall for attractive men. I can't say i blame them for that!

As TWO's Wayne Besen says, "this just goes to show that people can change behavior or live in denial - but they don't change their sexual orientation. The truth is: You can't pray away the gay." As Jesus Christ said " the truth will set you free"!

It's like i been saying, people can misuse God, the bible, and even Jesus, it doesn't change sexual orientation! I'm glad to see people are seeing that is just the way God made them, and know God loves them, and always did, as they went through this "cult" like program. The truth always win out!


Anonymous said...

This is a perfect example when we try to do things in our own strength. This young man may have had the desire to change and to please God, but to try and change a circumstance in our own manner, paying money for a program or self-imposed thoughts and idea's simply won't work.

Further, this is no different from someone who is gay and abstain from doing homosexual acts. You can only control and abstain for so long, flesh will master and win UNLESS God himself show up and set you free! This is precisely why we need deliverence more today than ever before. Yet, America slumbers and do not recognize truth, but trust me, many testimonies exist whereby people have walked away from this vile lifestyle and never looked back and it was not by their own power, they did it by the power of Jesus Christ.

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Whatever captian!

You're still gay! Get over it!

Anonymous said...

Is that all you have to say? What a crazy assumption!

Anonymous said...

But captain, ex-gay programs heavily emphasize that through the power of Jesus Christ a person can become straight!

And isn't it a little condescending to doubt that man's faith and to imply that he didn't believe in God enough, so that's why he didn't change?

Justice MH said...

It's like i said, sexual oreintation cannot be change! No matter how you believe,or how you twist a religion and it's book!