Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Remember our troops who are sacrificing their lives for this country, and a war that's unjustified. The fact still remains that we have brave men and women willing to die for this country. There are families who have been through alot with their love ones in a civil war in Iraq. So let's not only remember our troop, but their families as well!

A little bit later, i will only post two posts for today. I want address something i was kindy silent on, and the other LGBT black bloggers talked about, but i was pretty silent. The next post will about something that's still floating around the internet. So stay tune, it may be a slow day today, but I'll have it up in early part of this evening. Enjoy your Memorial Day!

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The Captain said...

The war is justified and in case you have forgotten, your voted members of congress provided the tools to Bush to continue the work that needs to be completed. These are the same people that vowed to stop the war. It seems that now they are supporters of the war plan set by President Bush. Much kudos to Bush and that advancements to make America safe as we had no additional 9/11 actions since 2001. That is one fact no real American can deny.