Thursday, May 10, 2007

Faith Under Fire: Gay to Straight???

Once again recloseted wannabe "former" homosexual Alan Chamber is spreading his ex-gay agenda. Which Justice MH does not recommend! Also fellow blogger and ex-gay survivor Peterson Toscano is on the program to show how the ex-gay mehtods are out-dated, and reckless! Peterson spent over $30,000 in ex-gay ministries! Hell, he could have donate that money to me, LOL! Anyway im sure everyone remembers Alan Chambers, the man who took 9-months to consumate his marriage! Hmmm, i wander what went wrong all the time? That is not 100% hetersexual male behavior.

Alan also says he found "freedom" in Christ. Never heard of that, and not interested! I know someone who might be? Anyway, Alan is not convincing America that his organzation can do what it says. Even Straight Americans can see how deep in denial he is! Back to Peterson, he also treated to exocrisms for the so-called homosexual demon or spirit. Let me say this, DO NOT believe such nonsense, there is NO such thing as a homosexual demon or spirit!

Now Check out Alan and peterson share their stories on their journey of faith and their sexual orientation. Again, i do not endorse or recommend Ex-gay mehthods, program, or materials etc.


Anonymous said...

Justice MH said...

Captian, your post is full of ignorance!

You're really star

ting to show how self-hating you really are!

Anonymous said...

This is not about self-hating or anything of the sort. Tell me, where in the bible did it say that homosexuality is acceptable and acceptable openly? NO WHERE!

Let me ask, if homosexuality is so natural, lovely, then why do females exist? Answer that for me.

Justice MH said...

Captian the way you twist and stretch the verses you quote is a damn shame! But then again you're feeding your personal problems anyway!

For as the bible or any other book, i have cover the verses you throw out, and nowhere does it say it's not unacceptable, wrong, or your so-called "sin". Iam planning a update, but in your case it probably won't do any good!

Females exist for those who are physically, and emotional attracted to them! Speaking of females, 70% of black women are single. That's plenty for you, since you're out of the so-called "lifestyle"! GO GET'EM BOY!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the reason why it is at 70% is because men are not real men as they sleep around with homosexual dogs causing the rate of infections to rise. Are you one of them?

Justice MH said...

LOL! I know you ain't coming in here with that kind of talking? Check yourself captian, asap! Once again infection rate has little to do with dl men or even gay men with women! Hetersexual relations need the controlling, Stop the ignorance!

Homosexual dogs? You can call us what you want, but it won't help your problems! Sorry capt., Justice MH has a no Closet case policy!

"Real men"? Whatever. Well in your self-loathing mmnd, wnat you be a real man, and be real with yourself. Whatever that means in your case!

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have that much nerve and you only seen the gracious side thus far.

HIV/AIDS originated in the homosexual community and now it spreading to wider society due to DL men who sleep with nasty, filthy, gay dogs who go from home to motels having sex, for money, participating in orgies and do all kinds of perverse acts where gays congregate. Promiscuity is stronger in the gay culture than anywhere else. No wonder gay men are dying by age 40...just make sure you don't become another statistic number because obviously the gay community don't have the answer to the problem they created.

Justice MH said...

Captian, I need some strong evidence for your hypithesis!

Caaptian, I have a good head on my shoulders, but worry about yourself ok!

Captian need more evidence about dl men and HIV/Aid. Your hypothesis sounds poor and questionable!

Anonymous said...

IF it sounds poor, then your finite knowledge should be able to definitively refute my hypothesis.

Justice MH said...

Captian your claims are steoptypical, as usual!

There is evidence to crush your silly claim about the hiv/aids crisis, but your purpose is to demonize gay men to help you feel good about yourself!

Enough with this, back to post's subject. Alan chambers is still gay, no matter what he says, or how much he denies it! Are you denying yourself? hmmm, the people want to know much more about you, and this so-called showing your true self! I propose a interview right here to tell us what the true captain is about and has in store for us? what you say?