Saturday, May 12, 2007

NY. Gov.Eliot Spitzer trying to redefine social institution???

NY Gov. Eliot Spitzer has submitted a Marriage Equality bill in the state Assembly and senate. The Democratic New york Gov. had this to say on the bill:

"Granting legal recognition to these relationships can only strengthen New York's families, by extending the ability to participate in this crucial social institution to all New Yorkers"

Focus on the Family's Jenny Tyree responded with this right-field response:

"Homosexual marriage proponents want marriage to do something for which it was not intended — affirm homosexual relationships," ..."Marriage is not a legal institution for equality; it's a social institution with children at its heart."

"Governor Spitzer does not have to redefine marriage to demonstrate his concern for the citizens of New York."

Umm Marriage is not a "legal institution for equality," but rather a "social institution with children at its heart"? This argrument is so poor and tiresome from anti-gay groups like Focus on the Family! Hetersexuals sometimes don't want children, or can't have them. So if heteros can't have or don't want children then their marriage is NOT part of this social instituion called Marriage? It sounds like a contradiction to me!

Anyway, is NY.Gov Eliot Spitzer trying to redefine this social legal instution? Well,
the definition that we as a society seem to now understand to be part of the word marriage is something i agree with!


ponoono said...

"Marriage " extends specific rights under the English common law upon which NY state law is based. To deny same sex couples the right to "marry" is to deny them the equal protection of the laws guaranteed by the US Constitution. Mere "civil unions" are therefore inherently unequal under the law and thus discriminatory. State laws which are discriminatory are thus always actionable through the federal courts.

Justice MH said...

You are right about that ponoono!

Marriage Equality will become reality for the entire country!
The time is coming!!!