Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Video:Jesus Set Me Free from Homosexuality???. Question: Why must "ex-gays recruit?

This video is a damn shame to be broadcasting on the internet. This woman claims Jesus freed her from homosexuality. Yeah, where have i heard that before? It seems these people buy into the myth of praying the gay away. LOL! It doesn't work that way. I mean she put on a good performance. i already nominated Exdous President Alan Chambers for best actress, and now i'm nominating this woman for best suppporting actress. she tries to group homosexuality with drugs, alcohol, and etc. Bad comparison. She needs to prove her claims, but i highly suspect this is a fraud, and this is their recruitment period. They love to sell the myth gays recruit children. No backup for that anyway. To the woman in the video, girl you are still gay! Get over it!


Anonymous said...

You can attack her and Alan all you like, but countless thousands of people are living proof that leaving the homosexual lifestyle is possible. God never desired man to be with man and for woman to be with a woman. If that was the case then one of the two genders we have would not be here, correct? I found this video inspiring and true. Jesus do have the power to heal, deliver and restore us to where God wants us to be. You may not realize it yet for you are young and absent in wisdom, but soon enough all I can do is pray that your eyes will be open to real truth...one day before it is too late for you.

Justice MH said...

@Captian: Where are these countless thousand of people? Don't try to figure out what God desires.

The truth is it's already too late for you!