Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Traditional Values Coalition's Pursuasive Edna Comic of the year!

It seems Lou Sheldon and the Traditional Values Coalition has sink to a level beyond my belief about the ENDNA bill in congress. They have really reach a level of Christian insanity that show how desperate, and serious in a crazy way about the bill. Take a look at their "gifted talent":?

"Good As You's Jeremy responds and notes:

"How does one even respond? Do you say that yes, in fact, under ENDA, one could still freely tell the blonde above that she must tone down her wardrobe and makeup to fit the company dress code? Or do you question why "homosexual" and "pansexual" are grouped with the available gender options, as if one's sexual orientation or proclivity is the same thing as their gender identity? Do you ask who, exactly, would use the "not sure" bathroom and question why even in the fearmongery, offensive world of TVC's making would such an option be necessary? Or should you point out that in the transgender community, she-male is considered highly offensive (much along the lines of "faggot," which we hope TVC would not feel it okay to use)"?

Justice MH's Final thoughts: Oh no they wouldn't go that far to use derogatory words, oh no they wouldn't! I agree with Jeremy of "Goods As You" on this, and shows the insanity of the debate as i said. They are willing to give it their best to stop this bill, and as you can see they ain't playing with this bill! Religious extremist will stop at nothing to deny other the right to at least have a job, and to do your best at it. I said this before, Americans have right to free speech, and other civil liberties. But they don't have the right to DENY other Americans to equal rights that are guaranteed by the U.S Constitution!


Anonymous said...

This is not about denying anyone any "rights". However, if we continue on this course of action we will have this in our society. Men or women not knowing who they are from day to day, which bathroom should they use? They're so messed up in their mind and bodies until it will become unclean, unhealthy, therefore, we have the true reason why sickness, HIV/AIDS and death exist in the gay community. If that is what you want, GO FOR IT. But don't you dare take the rest of us down with you and the sick gay community.

Justice MH said...

@Captian: I figure you would fall in to their ideology.

Death, sickness,and aids is everyone, JACKA**!

Anonymous said...

Good health and prosperity is for those who are redeemed....homosexuals in their sin will surely see the works of their wicked deeds soon enough.

Justice MH said...

@Captian: Whatever!