Saturday, May 26, 2007

Ex-Gay's 30 year journey out of Ex-gay "Hell"!

For thirty years, Victoria Lavin thought reading Scripture would make her straight. When the miracle "cure" did not work, she numbed her pain with drugs and alcohol.

In recovery for substance abuse, Victoria finally realized she was fine, just as she was. She came out to her pastor and he condemned her. Thankfully, Victoria's daughter was there for support in her moment of need. As a result, Victoria reconnected with God and entered seminary.

Today, she is out and proud, living in the Midwest with her life partner.

Coming Out was the "cure" she needed all along to find true happiness and be at peace with her spirituality!

Justice MH's Thoughts: Another example with a ex-gay finding the truth that was there all along. This has nothing anything to do with a so-called flesh win or whatever. Victoria had to discover over 30 years that God loves her, and just the way God made her! Using God, the bible, and even twisting Jesus's message will not change sexual orientation!
As TWO's Wayne Besen says, "this just goes to show that people can change behavior or live in denial - but they don't change their sexual orientation. The truth is: You can't pray away the gay."

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Anonymous said...

It is sad and dangerous for you to claim that God is not powerful enough to correct a circumstance in someone's life. If people can walk away from drinking, drugs, prostitution by prayer and yielding to God and letting him do deliverance his way, so can God change the vile nature of our heart.

It is one thing to desire to come out of homosexuality, but the action is to fall out of agreement with it. God can do nothing if someone still agrees to hold on to something that they want. God gives us choices and rights to those choices, but if someone yield those things that they want no more to God, He is apt to forgive them, change them and place them back as His will redeems to be for their life. If God can create miracles in parting the red sea, healing the sick, raising the dead, opening the eyes of the blind, how much more difficult can it be for God to correct the nature of the heart of man?

It's one thing to read the bible and scriptures, it is another to witness His power within the scriptures.