Monday, May 28, 2007

Tim Hardaway Naked In The Locker Room -videos are still on you tube!

Now I know everybody remember the infamous Tim Hardaway. You know the Tim Hardaway who says "he hates gay people".So i thought i would let everyone know these videos are still there, and speaks for themselves.
Take a look at the comments of what the people are saying:

"Oops!!Alot of typo's.I don't care if he is a big homo-phobic.I love to break that ass in.The guy in White cap is studying him real hard".

"oh and fyi gay people dont oggle people in fact they try twice as hard not to oggle you so its more likely a straight person will oggle you then a gay".

"if your gonna walk around the locker room naked in a public place then you deserve to be oggled at if your changing in a stall and someone looks over the top and checks you out than thats an invasion of privacy and obviously no one there cares about privacy cuz they are all naked anyways, gosh your so stupid".

"Guys that make statements like Tim are usually 99% of the time GAY"!

"somebody been hitting tim's ass, look how the guy next to is checking him out..its some dL in that locker room and tim is showing them the booty".

"DAYUM!! DAMN!! DAMN! is all I can say bout that bootyfull ass of Tim's. Got me droolin here! lol"

" The dude in the baseball cap is really checking Tim out.,I think its a couple of DL on that team and Tim is one.,but he has a nice ass.,somebody been hittin that ass fo sho"

"lmao, apparently he learned his lesson about fuckin witht the gays".

"HA! Looks like some gay dude got his ass GOOD"!

"He definitely been touched...If u know what I mean"

"Wow, that "big ass" of his serves as the perfect compliment to his personality. Good luck paying your in arrears mortgage now Big Mouth"!

"truth be told, tim is on the low....and that ass taste so good"

"Damn nice ass Tim, damn nice"!

"Months before the "I Hate Gay People" bit, Tim was voted as most likely to be gay in the NBA".

"He needs to be in a Hip Hop video wit all that ASS!!!!

"I see why he hates gay men. They would attack his fat booty,lol"

"looks like to me he wants those in the locker room to see that butterball turkey ass. no wonder he don't us in there, he wants it all for himself".

Justice MH's Final thoughts: LOL! As you can see, it seems that most enjoy this entertainment of Tim. I'm wondering like everyone else what took him so long to dress? He just walking around buck-ass naked like he wanted everyone to see! The man in the white cap could not keep his eyes off of Tim's body, and especially his ass. I see we have some dl men or evidently gay men there, and Tim is loving it! He just enjoyed showing his body, and ass to the whole locker room.
Anyway, this was funny as hell, and the videos are still there, hmmm!

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