Monday, September 17, 2007

Local NAACP President Speaks out on gay rights and gets mixed Reviews from the Black Community!!!

The Homophobia being spewed from the Fort Lauderdale Mayor Jim Naugle and his recent anti-gay statements are nothing new, but I want to touch this issue going on in Florida.Local African-American ministers, such as the Rev. O’Neal Dozier, have spoken out in favor of Naugle. What is wrong with black ministers these days? Anytime in history, there is someone or group that's an easy target for hate and intolerance. However, someone did the unpopular thing and stood up and spoke out for what's right:

President of the Fort Lauderdale branch of the NAACP Ellison’s mission was clear: She would speak out against what she considered hate speech and discrimination, regardless of the fact that the offending words were aimed at the gay community, a community she is not charged with representing.

“Mayor Naugle’s message is about one thing — hate,” she said. “Homophobia is hate, and hate has no place in the beloved community.”

Justice MH: That's what it exactly is. It's really sad to see black ministers stand by people like this Mayor Naugle. Why must former oppress people now oppress someone else? I guess once you're finally sitting at the table, then it's your turn to take the next group and beat up on them with the traditional holy bullies!
Diverse Opinion in the Black Community!
Brad Bennett, executive editor of the Broward Times, a newspaper that covers the local black community, said it was “odd that she would speak out about gay issues.”

“Based on what I’m hearing from readers, I don’t think the Fort Lauderdale NAACP reflects the views of the larger black community,” he said. “Publicly, members of the community fall in line with the pastors.”

Justice MH: Wow! If members of the community fall in line with ignorant and bigoted pastors, then they are some sheep without any God-given brains! And how is it odd for a NAACP president to speak out on gay issues? Every family has a gay relative and everyone knows someone who is gay. It seems the next opinion knows what i'm talking about!

Everybody has somebody who is gay in their family or knows gay people,” said Larry Bowman, a used car salesman and regular at Betty’s. “I have to agree with [Ellison]. It’s hate speech. The mayor is asking for hatred to be cast upon him.”Dorothy Jackson, who works the counter at Betty’s agreed.

Bowman and Jackson said they respect gays and lesbians, but they also pointed out that their neighbors don’t normally discuss gay issues.

“Gay people is not a top issue,” Bowman said. “There are more important issues like the relationship of police officers and citizens. How are you going to relate to officers if you can’t trust them.

Justice MH: Well, this sounds like decent people who actually make sense. Of course they admit that gay issues are rarely discuss in the black community, and a discussion like that needs to happen. The black community needs to try to get pass this and move forward. The next opinion didn't sit well with me, and it really piss me off!
Elder Solomon Williams and his sister, who would identify herself only as Mrs. Williams, sat at the counter to order a plate of ribs and steamed cabbage. They had a heavy, dog-eared Bible with them from which they quoted scripture. The Williams reflected much of the black fundamentalist point of view at Betty’s, saying the gay community was asking for special privileges.

Although Elder Williams agreed that a public official singling out one group amounts to discrimination, he said he considers Naugle as speaking “the word of God” against the unrighteous.

“Every man you see who loves another man, they knew God before they got into their condition,” Williams said.
Ellison recognizes that black opinion is largely influenced by the church regarding gay rights, but she notes that Naugle’s backers are not representative.

“You need to take note of the churches that were not present [at the Sept. 5th press conference],” she said.
The communities “super churches,” such as New Mount Olive Baptist and Mount Bethel Baptist

Justice MH: Ok, where shall i begin with these hypocritical views? First, if you love someone, how can you not know God anymore? I can guess where she's getting this from? Let me guess, another misinterpretation of Romans 1. Why is this woman using a medical term "condition"? I do NOT have a condition, or any other gay person have a "condition"! What's so special about having your relationship recognize? Job protection? Protected in hate crime laws on federal level? There is nothing special about that. It's what's guranteed in the U.S Consitution. The bible has no say in this, or any other civil-affairs/matters. I guess when the former oppress has what's rightfully there's, then when someone else comes along, the former oppress acts out on who deserves what. Again, black people are influenced by the hypocritical black church. Yeah, i said it, and I'm black. This woman carries a bible around like it's a body organ implanted by God. I agree with fellow blogger Jerry Maneker of the bible is NOT God. God is perfect and free of errors. The bible is the opposite! Why do black people insist on using that fallible, racist, sexist, and imperfect book on others? I call the bible fallible because the errors in the bible make it fallible, that makes it not infallible or inerrant. The contradictions and inconsistencies of the bible is NOT being ignored by biblical scholars or theologians. The bible isn't alone, the Koran is the same, and other holy books. The issue here is that blacks should be speaking out against people like Mayor Naugle, not standing with him because he hates those who you hate or doesn't measure to your standards, and speaks how you interpretate the bible. Like Coretta Scott King would say: Hate and bigotry should be oppose by right thinking Americans". She would say something like, it's not accurate. However, I don't see right-thinking Americans or even true Christians. It's that us vs. them mentality! Blacks are suppose to keep the dream alive, but instead we're turning it into a nightmare! After the gays, what group is next to be the target of intolerance, discrimination, hate, and bigotry?


Anonymous said...

Isn't the bible the word of God? I don't see anyone being oppressed here! Gays are free to do whatever they wish. This mayor wants order and decency in his city, nothing wrong with that. If a gay person doesn't like it, move!

Justice MH said...

@Captain: The bible is full of errors, contradictions, inconsistences, and has been edited countless times. So NO!

With self-hating homos like you, you don't see anything but want to take your resentment out on others. That mayor is full of ignorance, and stupidity. Captain, a gay person will NOT move. It's everyone's city. If you don't like it, then get the hell out of this country. You should have took that job in Europe.