Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Real Time with Bill Maher: Mike Discusses Marriage Equality and Hypocritical GOPs!!!

I love Democratic Presdential hopeful Mike Gravel. He supports full Marriage equality, and gay rights for LGBT people. He responds to a question by Bill Maher on why these GOP sexual hypocrites would join on a party that doesn't want them.

Here's a excerpt of his response where Mike Gravel talks about GOP Senator Larry Craig, and how the GOP say they stand for moral values and why they join a party that doesn't want them:

GRAVEL: "Because they are hypocrites, they talk about these values...it's very sad. There's nothing wrong with the sex, it's the problem of the hypocrisy. They need to come out of the closet -- then they'd be normal. [Applause.] ...It truly is a tragedy because it's our culture that drives them into the closet, and being in the closet brings out all these perversions. There's nothing wrong with the sex, it's the way they approach it, and the hypocrisy and them pointing...like Craig, you know. He was the one talking about Clinton being a "bad boy...bad boy." [audience laughter].

MAHER: "It's guys like Larry Craig, the senator who force guys like Larry Craig the man into the airport toilet."

Justice MH: This is the type of party that's hypocritical in so many ways. GOPs love to point fingers at Former President Bill Clintion, but at least he was honest. Bill didn't front about it. The GOP always wants to play morality police, and claim how they stand for moral and family values. This party is NOT fit to lead this country. The Democratic Party isn't perfect, but they send the message that everyone deserves equal rights and wants to move the country forward. Until the GOP party get their act together, and stop acting like the Moral Majority on issues, then they can stop looking like hypocrites!

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