Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Majority of Americans Support Legislation for LGBT Job Protection!!!

Here's some not so surprising news. Nearly two-thirds of all American adults believe it is unfair that federal law currently allows for an employer to fire someone because they are gay or lesbian according to a new poll. Read it and weep it:

This survey continues to demonstrate that clear majorities of American adults agree that discrimination in the workplace on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity is wrong," says Out & Equal Executive Director Selisse Berry. "It is apparent that heterosexual co-workers are realizing that sexual orientation is not relevant to job performance."

In addition, more heterosexuals (88%) say they would feel indifferent or feel positively upon learning that a co-worker is gay or lesbian. About one-in-ten (12%) say they would feel negatively.

This positive response from co-workers is likely a contributing factor to the increase in the numbers of gays and lesbians who feel comfortable(2) about being open in the workplace about their sexual orientation.(3)

* In 2007, 54 percent of GLBT adults are comfortable having a photo of their spouse, partner or significant other on their desk, compared to only 34 percent in 2002 who felt this way.
* In 2007, 64 percent of GLBT adults are comfortable introducing their spouse, partner or significant other to their co-workers, compared to 50 percent in 2002 who said they would be comfortable doing this.

* 64% believe it is unfair that federal law currently allows for an employer to fire someone because they are gay or lesbian.

* 60% of heterosexual adults were not even aware that federal law does not provide protections for employees on the basis of sexual orientation.

* 79% of heterosexuals also feel that how an employee does his or her job, and not their sexual orientation, should be the standard for judging an employee.

* 67% also agree that employee performance should be the standard by which they are judged and not whether they are transgender.

Justice MH: Eat it all up homo-haters. The polls are no surprise here. The American people have always supported this legislation. The EDNA bill will come for a vote in the U.S House in early October i presumed. Traditional Values Coalition's Lou Sheldon 's scare tactics are not working at all, and not those silly cartoons about transgender people. It's mostly likely to pass the U.S House this fall! The homo-haters are getting left-behind in this battle for equality!


Jay said...

I'm not out at work, but I'm not exactly in the closest either, but I can honestly say that my job is gay friendly. Co-workers that are gay and out, are not afraid to bring their spouse around to company functions (if their spouse doesn't work here) or put up pictures of the two of them. I'm glad it seems like we are moving toward equality for all.

Side bar: sometimes I wonder are you captains other personality. The light to his darkness. Hmmm...could you be his gay side he tries to hide? Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

There is no darkness here. However, I don't agree with job discrimination. I worked with gay co-workers and i'm sure others are doing the same at this time. However, all environments should be streamlined to encourage peace in the workplace.

Further, every company develop their own culture and environment. But that does not mean as an individual, you have ultimate say so as to who that company should run their culture and environment; they should be fair, but they don't have to be bound to allow a certain group of people to act and perform in ways that can cause financial bankruptcy or negative effects to their client base.

Justice MH said...

@jay: To be out at work is a option, not mandatory. yes, we are moving forward to equality. I am Captain's other personality, we're kindy simliar, but i'm better and wiser. I am the light to his darkness. Yes, i am that gay side he badly wants to hide.

@Captain: Get over your ignorance and stupidity! This bill is fair, and it will become in the future more inclusive. Get over it!