Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Washington Post on Mike Rogers: The Most feared man on Capitol Hill?

The Washingtion Post has written a interesting article on Mike Rogers. Click here for to view it. Mike Rogers is known for outing hypocritical public offficals [more likely Republicans] who oppose gay rights, but engage in same-sex activity on the low. I hope those GOPs are shaking in their closets, because their hypocritical ways will not be tolerated. They should be very afraid, because Mike's going to expose them!

Rogers, sitting on a club chair in his Northwest Washington apartment, is basking in the attention. For three years now, he's been a feared one-man machine, "outing," he says, nearly three dozen senior political and congressional staffers, White House aides and, most damagingly, Congress members on his blog. On Capitol Hill, a typical phone call from Rogers -- "Are you gay?" he'd ask -- is "a call from Satan himself," says a former high-ranking congressional staffer whose name is on the list.
...In the coming months, he plans to post the names of "a few more" closeted Congress members on his blog, he says, all of them Republicans. There are 33 names on his published list, most of them men, 30 from the GOP. That fact reveals more about the Republicans, he says, than about him. Although a registered Democrat, he says he is bipartisan.

"I write about closeted people whose records are anti-gay," he says. "If you're a closeted Democrat or Republican and you don't bash gays or vote against gay rights to gain political points, I won't out you."

Justice MH: I say out them all! Don't fu*k with the gays!

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