Thursday, September 13, 2007

Homophobes just keep Coming!!!

Louisiana State University student Michael Denton gives his cent-less on Montgomery County’s decision to include gays in sex ed. Same old recipe from older right-wingers:

America needs to grow in self-confidence on this debate. The homosexual argument is illogical; sexuality is obviously meant for reproduction. Any sexual activity that is opposed to life is intrinsically disordered. Yet we continue to refuse to stand up for ourselves, allowing courts, school boards and speech codes to dictate political correctness to us.

Justice: "The sex is for "procreation" argument is so old and tiresome. The majority of human being will admit sex is for pleasure. We are NOT the children of Israel tribe trying to reproduce to out number the enemy, and gain land. Denton wants to have his dogmatic correctness for his older right-wing mentors.Also, right-winger talk about us recruiting, it seems they love to recruit young people to advocate a right-wing agenda. Note: Everyone does NOT have to procreate, quoting Genesis is a same old recipe, and humans have more purpose than procreating! The Religious argument is never logical in it's dogmatic form. AS I said humans have a much more a purpose than procreating, you still can, but a person's purpose in life is so much bigger.


Jay said...

Ok wait, so according to this jerk head is out? Oh my brother, his friends and girlfriends are going to have a problem with that one. Wow, no more eating out...sorry for being crude, but come on. I thought we did away with this agruement for good in the 70s. Do the right wing christian groups ignore their own doctrines?

Justice MH said...

@Jay: Um, they don't. They just twist it as a correction or update for their dogmatic beliefs and thoughts.