Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Acting White Myth???

Why is that we as african-americans have put each other down with senseless concepts and myths? It seems african-americans still think that way with an educated black man like Barak Obama looking to make history as the first african amercian president. And yes Obama is black enough. Stop the ignorance! I personally don't believe or think in that senseless acting white myth. A black person can't read books, get an education, study, or work hard without being critize by their own people.

Do you belive in the "acting white myth"? If you do, then explain the myth?

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Nunya said...

I think questioning Obama's blackness is pretty stupid, given that he's running for President. If he was "black," he wouldn't have a shot at the Presidency just like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson traditionally haven't. I won't back Obama--there are several things I dislike about him, and I don't think we should back people just because they're black. But my problem with him is not quite that he's "not black enough."

I think "acting white," at least, is a misnomer. People relate it to race when it's probably more correlated with social class and environment. I think there are very basic differences between most black people and most white people based on the fact that we have different experiences in life because we're different races, but it's not a lot of the crap that a lot of people rattle off, such as being intelligent and "articulate."

If you want more details, I think Tim Wise does a good job of pointing them out in a non-offensive way as a white male. You can google him and find some of his articles and/or read his book "White Like Me" in which he points out a lot of true differences between whites and blacks.