Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Love, Knowledge, and Truth always wins out!!!

America has become much more aware of it's gay citizens, and know we have always
been here, and will be here in the future!
The acceptance of gay americans is progressing quite well here in america, which
is a good thing for gay americans and america itself.

A certain individual has critize those who follow Christ's simplistic teachings.
The follows who represent what it means to be a true Christian they are:Rev. Jesse Jackson, Rev. Peter Gomes, Rev. Michael Eric Dyson,and Rev. Al Sharpton.
This blogger calls it a sickening doctrine. I guess it's not sickening when it's
advocating hatred, prejudice, and justifing someone's negative thinking.

These men are true Christians, and doing what Christ would support! Some people in
these religions look for stamp of approval of their hateful ways, and they claim
to be a so called Christian. He claims these brave men are not living according
to the doctrine of Jesus Christ? What doctrine is he reading? Christ's teaching and
wisdom in the Gospels is follow by these men, and they are accountable for what they do.
Here what Homosexuality is:

Homosexuality is not a SIN!
Homosexuality is Natural!
people are born neither hetersexual or homosexual.

You won't discover your sexual orientation until at a later age!

Christ said those who come in love is how people will know you are my disciples.
Coming with hatred, and a contradicting book is not a disciple of Christ!

Some right wingers say that gays are winning the culture war, well bigotry never wins, it's just stubbling blocks for the oppress! Christ's sermons, beatitudes, and
sayings are full love, knowledge, and truth!

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