Saturday, March 10, 2007

Serious Question!!!

In america we have the U.S Constitution to govern us, to be equal and fair to each other. We have some religious folks who believe that Constitution should be replace with the bible. Personally speaking for myself it will be the U.S Constitution, my beliefs and faith is personal. To have the bible govern the country is a conservative christian's wet dream. To people like me it's nightmare in america pun intented. Now come to reality, because the fact of the matter is, it will never happen, no contradicting book will not govern this country. This is not a theocracy, but a democracy. We need right thinking americans to protect the U.S Constitution for america to remain level-footing for all americans. No offense to anyone, but everyone has the right to their personal beliefs and views about God.

Now what do you think the bible or the U.S Constitution to govern our country?


Albert said...

This is the first time checking out your blog. I was prompted to check it out after seeing you comments to THE CAPTAIN. Im glad Im not the only one who puts up serious arguments with THE CAPTAIN's misguided doctrinal beliefs. In the case of the question that you ask today, if the US is governed by the Bible we become to better than the Islamic Republic of Iran. As a Bible believing Christian it is my job to share the truth of the Gospel through my life and reserve judgement for God. While sin exists among hetero and homosexuals pointing out peoples sin is often times a futile exercise. Showing forth the Goodness of GOD is what provokes the hearts of all people to change. God is still speaking today, however the Bible is our foundation into understanding God's character and is ways. Misinterpretation is what makes the Bible appear contradictory when in fact God is very consistant. I hope this is the beginning of a very fruitful dialogue


Justice MH said...

albert, i was not too happy with captian's misguided article on gay realtionships. I have to disagree with you,i feel the bible should have no part in the government. I differ in some things you said. Yes God is still speaking. God didn't just split 2,000 years ago. I believe the was written by men on their on understanding, and it's time for us to understand God for ourselves. God's character is simple, God isn't complex like humans. The true God is love and Perfect, unlike the bible. We may differ with our beliefs, but we be able to come to a general creed, love God, and love one another. Thank you for the comment albert, and hope to hear more from you.

Anonymous said...

Since I am discussed, I might as well add a little more fuel to the fire here.

Many of us quickly forget that our constitution that is currently governing our nation is constructed off of biblical principles already. I do not agree the bible, all 66 books should be considered a "master document", but there are some guidelines and principles we can take from the bible to utilize in our society, which is already within our constitution.

Therefore, this debate is moot. We have biblical principles working in our constitution today. Our nation is a product from our faith in God and in God we trust. Now, we cannot force the bible on everyone and I know God doesn't want us forcing people to do so out of malice and command to serve the bible. However, we cannot alter our course of government to allow other views that will desensitize our morals and values. We need to fortify our standards of moral and ethical values even more with a perverse and fast-paced, and wicked society. We still need structure to punish those who commit crime, and reward those who make it possible for everyone to live in a safe and productive livelihood.
will quickly desensitize

Justice MH said...

The Constitution has nothing to do with the bible. It gives the bible no credit for it's own principles. Captain people like you need to stop trying to connect the bible to the constitution. It doesn't take a genius to make up rules and laws to follow. Yes we have in certain places, but doesn't mean it only refers to chrisitanity. Everyone views a God a certain way.