Monday, March 12, 2007

Not in my Family: Aids in the African-American Community

This book is a collection of essays by african-americans to break the silence on Hiv and Aids in the community. I hope many african americans have gotten the chance to read the book it's really good to hear everyone's perspective on this disease, and how it affect us as african-americans.

My favorite essay was done by Mo'Nique, it was real, and believe me she didn't hold back. I have a favorite quote from her essay " You better ask Somebody", and she right on this one.

"Our society says if you a girl, you gotta like a boy,and if you're a boy you gotta like a girl. And then it says that God said so. God ain't said that shit. Please show me in the bible where God said that. His name ain't signed nowhere. You can't show me that, I promise you can't. Some other niggas wrote it, and you're trying to convince me"_Mo'Nique.

I agree with Mo'Nique, God ain't said that shit. And don't even try to use the book of Genesis or etc. You know who i'm talking to lol. Most scholars already agree it's a weak and poor agrument.

This is a quote from Mo'Nique's You better ask Somebody essay. You'll have to buy the book to read the rest of it, and the other essays.

I always say we are made to be with somebody. We are made with hands to hold, eyes to look throught, mouths to kiss, and a body that fits into another. Relationships are relationships with gay or straight.

Like i said, she told it like it is, and i knew i like her for some reason.


Anonymous said...

Yet no one realize the fact that HIV/AIDS is a product given to society from the gay community. Oh NO....let's not mention that!

Justice MH said...

Captian you is crazy. You have no proof it came from the gay community. Everyone must be responsible for themselves. Stop pointing your damn finger at somebody. And you say your not self-hating lol, yeah right. Everyone must practice safe sex.

Anonymous said...

No proof...well you need to visit the 1980's...or maybe too young to remember how HIV/AIDS transpired in the U.S.

Certainly HIV/AIDS didn't start in the heterosexual community.

Justice MH said...

So hetersexuals have to blame homosexuals for their unfortunate diesease? I don't think so. You take responsiablity for yourselves. Everyone can't keep up with everyone's behavior. If hetersexuals would have stop believeing in the hype especially african americans than this diesease would be so high among them. I guess hetersexual thought their behavior can't cause them to cause aids or hiv, when people advocate that only a white gay man can catch it. Hetersexuals' behavior caught with them big time, and they can blame only themselves. Unless they were sleeping with a butch of gay men and women and wanted the virus. Captian is once again being an apologist for other people who got themselves in that position. Hetersexual believe the hype now they suffered the consquences and still is. Like Christ said captian "can the blind lead the blind"? You will fall in to a ditch. Ignorance and stupity will lead into a ditch!