Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Devil, Demons, and Evil Spirts Pt.2

This subject about demons and evil spirits is controversial to some.
However the concept was believed in a society that believe the world was flat,
and the sun revolves around the planet earth. i promise a part two, and with
some of my studies included in here:

Now first there a numerous accounts of Christ throwing out demons in the gospels, but they are greatly exaggerated. We must remeber this was written in a uneducated society. We are the educated.

In ancient India, where Christ travel through, several thousand of years before his birth, the whole concept of demons was invented. When people got sick they were though to be inhabited by evil spirits or demons. This type of belief is still prevalent in Africa, South American, New Guinea,Borneo and else where where primitive tribes still exist. The shaman or witch doctor will bring his or her potions and herbs and cast spells to eliminate the evil"demon" and cure the one who is sick.

I have always sad there are no demons and no devil and that so-called "possessions are either schizophrenia or the overactive and suggestive mind emotion in a big-time way. Under hypnosis, some people can actually manifest a blister when an ice cube is put on their arm or hand when told it is something very hot. The mind can be very powerful, especially in a person who is highly suggestive or mentally ill. The illness of epileptics can cause someone to think someone is "possess". At that time the judiac belief of evil spirits causing illness of some kind, which the writers of the bible exaggerated to be actual evil entities. It was simply illness of some kind.

Most scientist and scholars question the veracity of exorcisms, saying there is no scientific proof whatsoever for demonic posssession. Most of the evidence in this area, they said, points to psychological disturbances and mental illness. While most scientists and scholars say demonic possession does not exist. The early church used the fears and superstitious beliefs of the masses in demonic possession to advance their dogma of a devil and hell. Unfortunately, many christian churches today still have experts who handle exorcisms, especially the Catholic Church.

As i said the concept of demons and evil spirits possessing someone is not true, but a ancient fear and superstitious. I also want to say there is no homosexual demon or spirit, the things people come up with is laughable. It seems when we don't understand something it must have something to do with a spirit or demon, and that is not true either. People are way out of field with that one.

Now the exorcists movies are scary, and entertaining. However, there is no truth in that concept whatsoever.


Anonymous said...

I totally disagree with your assessment. I fully understand that your carnal mind is unable to comprehend the existence of demon spirits. The claim that society during Jesus time were uneducated and that we are educated has no merit. Jesus, the disciples and even Apostle Paul were highly educated men. I think it is prideful to say that your education is more superior to God. Even more, to say that your studies and intellect is superior to God is even more foolish. The Apostle Paul said in Romans 1:14, “I am both to the Greeks and the Barbarians; both to the wise and unwise.” This imply that Paul, who was scholastically superior in his time release all the knowledge he learned to follow Jesus Christ and live out the Christian doctrine. In your case, you represent the scripture Romans 1:22, “Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.” In Acts 4:13 only exemplified more that to the society at that time; people thought Peter and John, disciples of Jesus who later became Apostles were unlearned. Yet when they spoke the word of God and preached, they marveled and were astonished at the level of knowledge they were preaching.

Dealing specifically with evil spirits and demons, many miracles took place. Not only did Jesus operate in the ministry of deliverance by casting out demons, but the Apostles were able to do just the same. Primarily, Acts 19:15 said that the evil spirit spoke back and said, “Jesus I know, Paul I know, but who are ye?” This certainly implies that demons can communicate and that demons exist. It also has been recorded Jesus at one time spoke to demons in Matthew 8:30 when demons spoke to Him and ask Jesus, “If you cast me out, can I live in the herd of swine?” Jesus replied, “Go”. That implies that demons need a host body to operate. This is exactly why demon spirits attack our bodies and flesh because our bodies and flesh is subject to carnality and the pleasures of this world; our flesh is unable to please God because we are unclean. This is the whole purpose of salvation and coming to God through Jesus. In Mark 3:11, evil spirits cried out saying that Jesus is the son of God. How come these evil spirits say, “Jesus you are the son of Man?” The reason why demons cannot be detected by scientific methods and analysis is because these are spiritual matters; this cannot be measured or detected. This is why we cast out demons in Jesus name. There is a where the Apostle Paul said that above all the gifts of the body of Christ you ask for, ask for the Holy Spirit.

Now these are just a few examples of characteristics and activities of demons. There is one book that explains more by John Eckhardt the book titled: Let Us Alone- The Cry of Demons.

Justice MH said...

I disagree back Captain. And you misundersand me too. Jesus was very advance and educated. I would never say that about my lord. Anyways, to say paul's knowledge all the way to our time with our advance knowledge is wrong to say. Jesus' ministry operated in healing people who seem to be possess to an uneducated society , and people at te time. Jesus was far advance in his time with know that no demon was the but mental o pschiology illness. he knew this because o his time in India. He was not cauht up in superstitious and fear. He did miracles of healing people's mental illness, and that was miracles. As i said you misuderstand me. My so-called carnal mind can comprehend very much, thankyou. It is not prideful to say you have more knowledge than paul and etc. His society and culture is totally different than ours. Paul is the case to is not the real deal to me, and what he says. In his time, im sure he was very intelligent in his time that is. But in our time, paul is way out of his league. Back to the spirits, the mind is very powerful. Like i said in mental illness they were very suggestive, and said all kind of things. You claim it's a spirit, but it's the person in a state a mental illness or trauma. In that time was not familair with medical problems. Christ knew this, but the writers of the bible greatly exaggerate of this situaion. Flesh and carnality have nothing to do with this. Captain your agrument weak and poor. People like are still stuck with ancient superstitious and fears. No proof, no agrument.

Anonymous said...

I see you totally side-stepped the biblical examples given. Well, I will leave you to argue your point, but neither can you confirm demons Don't exist either.

It is just sad to see "politically" correct "Christians" who take some things of the bible and reject the other parts. I guess you don't agree with the last charge of Jesus to His followers in Mark 16:17 do you? Jesus expressively said, "In my name, they shall cast out devils"

Now you can argue against that all you want, but Jesus said it and TRUE Christians have been doing this ever since and need to continue doing so until Jesus return.

Justice MH said...

Captian i haven't ignore what you quoted from the bible. You side-stepped my explanantions. The writers over exaggerate of what they see. The people had a mental or psychiological illness. It may seem like a form of possession,but that is not the case. Sorry capt. jesus had no control of how people quote him. To the writer base on their view he may have shared their fears and superstitiutious way. But like i say the accounts you quote, the writers greatly exaggerate of what is going on. Jesus heal people of their illness whether mental or physical. True Christians thankfully has abandoned these misguided fears and supersititious ways. It's sad because some feel austistic people are possess. They are not at all, but it is a mental and psychiological problem. It's sad we have people with ancient fears and consipracies in 2007. Jesus didn't agree with such nonsense. Such nonsense has no backing up these days. I have never hear about people getting possess daily unless these so-called demons are on vacation, and come duritng certain seasons captain!

Anonymous said...

Looks like we have a promising Psychologist in the making. However, your assessment is not justifiable. The Apostles did not draw out the accounts from what they saw when Jesus performed miracles and cast out demons. Then the very Apostles and even Apostle Paul did the same thing Jesus did when confronting demons. So, the Apostles (disciples when they were with Jesus) only did as Jesus did and knew they had the power to cast out demons.

So for the biblical accounts I gave you, specifically the one where the demons ask Jesus where they should go, are you saying that the pigs had a mental illness to run down the cliff and drown in the water?