Friday, March 9, 2007

Bible Classes in Public Schools???

All i got to say is Hell NO!!! We don't need that coming into public schools. If some people want bible classes do it at home or go to church doing the week at night.

You see it's alright to say teaching yoga is unconstitional but when it comes to bible classes to some it's not to them. That is being a hypocritic. It seems conservative christians would stop at nothing to impose their agenda on america. When i hear them say religous freedom, it really means to impose my beliefs on you no matter what you believe or think. But thank God if approve it can't become mandatory, only an option if you want it. The American Government needs to uphold the constitution that governs this country not the bible. It makes sure everything is equal and fair here in america. With using the bible people become dictators, and what i like to call judgmentalists. For they fail to follow christ's teachings. They call themselves Christians and have the nerve to wear a braclet that says, "what would jesus do?" This country is an liberty and freedom country, and i don't believe the hype when some say this is a Christian nation. This was not our founding fathers' vision of a nation. The religious wrong are like predators, and every unaware american we are the prey. Separation of Church and state must be strengthen and remain strong because we have religious fascists on our hands and declaring war on our democracy, and our reputation as land of the free!


Albert said...

My opinion on the Bible in schools is this: If it is used as literary study or a class in comparative Religion, I think it could be great. But to be teaching the Bible as Christian's study the Bible in church would not be wise for two reasons. It forces people to study Christianity who have other beliefs and there is no guarantee that those teaching the Bible are actually scholars of the Book. One of the greatest difficulties with many of the preachers who have a voice in society today is this: While they have captivating oratorical skills many lack substance, depth and scholarship. That is when you get messages that are full of personal prejudice and not the truest intentions God Himself

Justice MH said...

To make things clear: I'm not a 100% against the bible being taught in schools, but there are students with different belief systems. We have christian, muslim, jew, wiccan, or even athesist students. If we are going to bring the bible in then bring the holy quran, buddist writings, and etc. All student with a belief system should have their regilion represented not just Christianity. This may not be a christian nation, but it show have christian influence. Is it a good or bad thing? It's neutral to me. Thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

I have to primarily side with Albert. Yes, we need to restore bible education in our public school structure. Ever since prayer and biblical teaching left the school, we had an exponential growth of teenage preganancy, crime, deaths, shootings and mental madness. Some teachers are so afraid of 5th and 6th graders because they carry guns and these kids are leading violent lives. Before prayer and biblical teachings were taken out the school none of these things happened.

Yes, we have other religions in our country, Islam, Hindu, etc. However, THIS nation is governed and operated under the principles of Christianity and faith in God. Where the spirit of the Lord [God] is, there is liberty. There is freedom and the many afforded freedoms and liberties we have today is not by no man or a specific work we ever did, it is through God's grace, nothing else.

Justice MH said...

I understand both sides to the problem of having it in the school, but it could create problems. Captain this nation gives Chrisitanity no credit that i know of. The founding father had no part with religious leaders at that time and was critize for not including God enough to them. These men was brilliant, but their ideas came from God of course. Some of the father would be considered atheist or agnostic in this time. This nation has no specific religion, this nation is land of the free.