Thursday, March 22, 2007

Montel: Homosexuaity--Is There a Cure?

This past monday, alan chambers made himself not look so good in his case. Montel read to him that his organization's policy say it can liberate a person's sexual orientation from homosexual to hetersexual. Alan say they can't do that, but his policy says it. Just like montel, i don't like someone is bullshitting me, and alan was doing that. Montel was piss off, and so was i. Alan contradit himself and was so inconsistent throughout the show. In his marriage with former lesbian wife, it took them 6-months to consumate their marriage. 6-months,6-months, now something wrong here. He claim it nothing to do with his sexual orientation that he knows he has not change. Now 6-months to consumate a marriage is not 100% hetersexual behavior. It's sad he's pushes himself in denial, but like he says it's his choice to try to be something else. Since alan claims exdous doesn't have the ability to change a homosexual to hetersexual, so technically him and his so-called are still homosexuals. They both are just supressing it, trying to prove and be the impossible. Montel was great, didn't take flawed answers, and just like everyone else wanted some solid and sound proof of a so-called liberation. MEMO: Do not be ignorant of your self. Stay true and you'll be you.

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