Monday, March 12, 2007

This Week: On Justice MH

The following post titles is what i will be writing on this week:

"Exploring and Exploding: The Myths of Homosexuality Series"

"Gay Rights vs. Civil Rights"

"Creatism vs. Evolution: The battle to be taught in schools"

"Born gay or straight vs. Born to be gay or straight"

"The Gay agenda"

Updated post on "Devils, demons, and spirits"

"The Church vs. Science"

"Masculine and Feminine"

"Not in my Family" Aids in the African American Community"
Short review by Justice MH. Edited by Gil L. Robertson IV

"The Power of Change"

My day-to-day about life and what we go through and etc.

I will also be taking part in Queer kid of Color's blogger event it will be interesting. It will be exclusively on his blog.

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