Friday, March 9, 2007

The Effects of Hate Speech

Some people just don't understand how speaking negative of a group of harmless americans can do to their daily lives in this country. I was on my way home and heard someone from school i know say "he hates gay people". He mention Tim Hardaway, and i was saying to myself Hardaway is having an affect on someone, but in a negative way. He doen't realize that gays are all around him whether he like it or not.
If you don't like someone at least show respect,and move on. I was glad to hear another boy tell him "stop trying to be hard". I sat there and said to myself someone that speaks reason in the midst of ignorance. It always seem straight boys have to talk negative of gays to seem more masculine or manly among their peers. Its a learned behavior the way i see it, passed down especially in the black community. This one boy always seem like any lil thing that didn't make him seem manly enough made him complain about anything whether it's a feminine gay boy 10 feet away from him, or acting as a woman writer through a poem. I had to tell him it's just acting, and does not effect who you are, unless you know who you are.

As i say all the time this is America land of the free, free speech is yours, just as long as it does not endanger or incite violence against an harmless group of americans.


Anonymous said...

Let me ask: When Tim Hardaway said, "I hate gay people", did that incite or endanger your life?

I doubt Tim Hardaway knows you, but if you wish to express the definition of free speech, then Tim's honest feelings through his comment should've never bothered you.

Justice MH said...

Stop being an apologist for him captian. You still don't get it do you. I guess with all that bitterness you need to lash out at someone. A gay senoir wa attack in detroit with a pipe. A lesiban woman was attack around that time. Don't tell me it didn't incite violence, because hating a harmless group of americans is not acceptable in this country. Tim had to learn the hard way, just as ann coulter is learning ina process. Free speech is welcome not hate speech though.

Justice MH said...
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