Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Free Speech Huh???

I always tell people i believe in free speech as long as it doesn't incite violence against a group of people. People need to understand words have power, and stop being apologists for these hateful people. I read where people are citing their favorite source to justified Tim Hardaways hate speech. I hear blacks saying Tim or even Isaiah Washington should not have to apologize. But when that Asian newspaper wrote an article about hating blacks, they was all on that. That is being hypocritical.Some think they only deserve apologies, but not the gay community. We as african-americans have to learn to respect one another.
At the Consevative conference, where Ann Coulter gave her ignorant speech, and called President hopeful John Edwards a faggot was uncalled for. Why can't people critize people without bringing the hateful slurs in. Ann Coulter claims she was joking, and didn't mean harm. The audience was laughing, and giggling like little school children. They should have showed their disapproval right then and there. I'm really not surprise to hear her say ignorant things about others. She called ex-president Bill Clinton a "total fag". She think it's cute, but it's not. Ann critizes the liberals, and left-wingers for being "Godless. But Ann Coulter thinks herself as God within her. God is within everyone. Free Speech is for everyone, but not to incite violence against a group of harmless americans.


Anonymous said...

I disagree with one statment, "God is in everyone", this is a totally true.

Justice MH said...

How do you disagree with that statement Captain? God is the creator, the creation wether good or bad, God is still there. God loves all. God does not play favorites. But to you, you feel you have to do this or that for God to be there. You are so mistaken. God can't help but love everyone!

Anonymous said...

You missed the point. You are speaking about God loves everyone...which is true. He loves us all, He is our creator and all of that beautiful stuff you mentioned.

However, your statement said, "God is in everyone." There is a difference. And this statement is unfounded.

Maybe you meant to say it a different way.