Friday, March 30, 2007

Ex-gay Alan Chambers full of contradictions and flaws

This video is a month old, but i felt interested to bring up this. Alan Chambers shows himself to be inconsistent, and contradicting. His views are fallible and spreading false messages like this will have consquenses for many who fall into ex-gay web of lies! He says his homosexuality has deminished, but recently on montel show, it was said it took him 9 months to consumate his marriage, but it's deminished right?

Alan is just a reclosted gay man spreading a message that he has convinced himself of, and now is trying to show to people who are not aware of the full story.

The concept of change has too many flaws, alan, and his organization are exploiting it to prove the impossible!

All i can say is Alan is only fooling himself, and others. He's blinded, and so many others that this is not a sound concept that has no proof whatsoever. Christ said "can the blind lead the blind"? Well it looks that way but will lead to a ditch!

Since they do not know truth, but have twisted it, they are in bondage!

All you can do is be yourself!


The Captain said...

How do you know yourself? How do you validate your "self"?

Justice MH said...

Captain, knowing yourself is not a tough task as you love to make it be. I know myself by searching deep within, and being honest of what i know is true, and what God has known before me!

The Captain said... do you validate what God knows about you and how can that be confirmed to others?