Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gay Rights vs. Civil Rights

I always hear about gay rights. First of all there is no such thing as a gay right. It is civil rights for the LGBT Community. This is the civil rights battle for the 21th century. I have never compared the gay rights movement to the civil rights movement of the 1950s and 1960s. I also have never compared the gay experience to the black experience. Both movements are different in their own way. For afican americans it was about race. For LGBT people its about sexual orientation, and being able to love the person they are inclined to love.

Coretta Scott King was a firm supporter for the civil rights of gays and lesbians, God bless her. She even said her husband Dr.king would have supported the civil rights of gays and lesbians. He was friends with a gay man who organize the the march on Washington 1963, named Bayard Rustin. I agree with Mrs. King, Dr. King was about inclusion, not exclusion.

It seems many african americans forget the Civil Rights movement was not just fill with black straights, but also black gays.

Currently right now there are three important bills being penned in Congress.
The Congressional Black Caucus has been very supportive of the LGBT movement for equality. The bills are EDNA, a new federal hate crimes law, and the repeal of DADT.

I think the EDNA bill has a good chance of passing. Now the federal hate crimes law and the repeal of Don't ask don't tell policy is possible. If President Bush doesn't veto. The President needs to do the right thing and help pass these bills.

The new hate crimes law will help protect americans based on race, religion, native orgin, and now sexual orientation. The critics claim it will affect them somehow. I feel you can continue your intolerate speech in the name of your personal beliefs, but this is about people's lives. To make sure every american is protected under the law. Recently a gay senior man was attacked in detriot with a metal pipe. A lesbian was attacked about a man or a group of them. Now where are the critics now about this? They can give a damn about these two hateful attacks. I feel this will possible pass and become law.

The EDNA bill is to end dicrimination in the workplace, and the majority of american agree, american should be protected base on their sexual orientation. This will pass without a doubt in my mind.

The repeal of don't ask, don't tell will be a fight, but it could happen. President Bush wants more troops, but fire troops base on their sexual orientation. The Captain made a comment on Keith Boykin's website about if homosexuals are accepted and their behavior how would that make america look? Well captain it will make America look strong, diverse, and with the best americans to protect our country. You and others are so obsess with behavior, and you say gay are perverted. I think the critcs are too damn perverted. It is possible DADT could be repeal this year, i hope.

Marriage equality will be a hard battle, but it will become a reality around the country. We started with Massachusetts having Marriage Equality. We have New Jersey, vermont, and i think oregon have civil union, but separate but equal never works. Like i said will be a battle to gain equal marriage.

American is the country where everyone should be equal, with rights, and proctected under the law.


Anonymous said...

President Bush will veto. Even more, I hope he takes these bills to the backyard of the White House and burn them with a Ku Klux Klan cross!

Justice MH said...

Captain such hatred in your words. President Bush can't stop it. What will come to pass, will pass. He may be a road block, but these bill will bcome law, whether you like it or not. You bring the kuklux klan in this. You show no mercy, but i bet you command it. How hypocritical of you. It will all come to pass. When it happens at least be tolerate, or just remain with that hatred in your heart.

Anonymous said...

Simply there is no comparison or justifiable reason for "equality". This is not hatred, but just the truth. Bush's veto can stop this entire bill. It will be bloody murder to get an override with super majority votes. This is another reason why Obama cannot step foot in the Oval office as President. He'll be just as weak as this lame bill to support it.

Justice MH said...

There are justifiable reasons for equality. If it's not hatred, then what do you call it? I know captain the bill can still be made law with the majority of congress making it law. We are all equal under the u.s constitution. Our rights are there, but it's sad we have demand them to give them to us. History is repeating it self, we will be succcessful in our cause of equuality. Captian we fight for causes not a agenda. We leave the agendas up to people like you. Every equality group has been successful in america, and we will be no different.

Anonymous said...

Next thing we will have rapist, murderers and child pornographers wanting equal rights too! Every right that is in America now is afforded to you. I can't see what you are missing.

Justice MH said...

what i'm missing? Captian please. Everything s not afforded to me! And you know that. My question to you is: Are you blinded by bigotry, discrimnation, and hatred?

Justice MH said...

Also captain stop the ignorance. You have the nerve to equate our wanting right with murders and rapists,and child pornographers. Captian you know good and well there is no comparison. It's sad you side with bigotry, hatred, and discrimination. What side do you think Christ would be on?