Friday, June 1, 2007

Seven Things I Wish Anti-Gay people would admit!!!

Author: Candace Chellew

1. I wish they would admit that many people are very happy with their homosexuality or lesbianism, and that there is no internal conflict. Based on intelligent religious and moral convictions, homosexuals are assured they are in the place God has for them, and there is nothing wrong with their sexual orientation. They do not feel the need to "come out" of their homosexuality simply because of the guilt anti-gay forces try to impose upon them.
Stop throwing around the cheap, inaccurate labels like "immoral lifestyle" to explain our lives.

2. I wish they would acknowledge that homosexuals and lesbians can experience significant joy and fulfillment through their sexual feelings and desires.
Be honest enough to admit that fulfilling relationships are possible within a homosexual context

3. I wish they would acknowledge that present homosexuals and lesbians find a greater measure of peace and satisfaction after leaving a heterosexual lifestyle than they ever experienced while embracing heterosexuality.
Those "ex-gays" who aren't miserable, and can honestly say they have no more feelings of homosexual attraction, were probably never gay to begin with, and they have "come out" as heterosexuals, much like a homosexual "coming out" of heterosexuality. These people most likely won't even refer to themselves as "ex-gays" ... they have moved on with their lives.

4. I wish they would acknowledge that many homosexuals and lesbians have genuine joy in their marriages (or holy unions)!
Most gays and lesbians seek that solid relationship on which to build their future. They marry, or have holy unions, as a natural consequence of realizing their homosexuality is proper and natural.

5. I wish they would acknowledge that all people have as much right to pursue a homosexual relationship as they do to pursue heterosexuality.
Gays and lesbians should not be harassed and castigated by the "ex-gay" community. I have never heard any "ex-gay" leaders speak out against the violence (such as the bombing at an Atlanta gay nightclub) perpetrated against the gay community.

6. I wish they would stop equating our decisions to remain homosexual with being "misguided" or "sick" or in need of "healing" or "saving."
We don't hate "ex-gays;" we simply desire to live free of their efforts to "recruit" us to their side. Don't put nasty labels on our motives. That's being judgmental and unfair.

7. I wish anti-gay religious leaders would stop teaching that all homosexuals care about is sex. Many live in monogomous, happy relationships.
Many -- probably most -- men and women involved in state-sanctioned marriages are not sexually monogomous, but mainstream churches don't discipline members for committing adultery outside their marriages. Some churches even allow admitted adulterers and divorced people to remain in the pulpit or serve as deacons. Also, there is no discipline for those heterosexual couples who have sex before their marriages.


The Captain said...

There will never be any fulfillment, joy or peace in a homosexual relationship neither is it holy.

Justice MH said...

@Captian: Your opinion is welcomed, but invalid!

Yes it can be joyful, fulfilling, peace, and holy. Get over it!

It's sad, you're gay. You put yourself down. Just Sad!

The Captain said...

OK. Show me a significant number of lasting, verifiable homosexual relationships that last more than five years? I can just bank on it that you will not find such evidence because monogamy among homosexuals is not a strong and thus why most homosexuals are single, and promiscuous.

Justice MH said...

@Captian: There are solid amount of monogamious gay relationship. If some people gay or straight don't want to be in realtionship, then that's them. You continue to label every gay person promiscuous, yes there are some, but there plenty hetersexuals also. Everyone is sexual active gay or straight. I guess with your struggles, your side effects in lashing your hate toward gays, then you're gay yourself, just SAD!

The Captain said...


Justice MH said...

@Captian: Speaking of proof. Where's the proof you're not gay? You claim you're out of a so-called lifestyle, which doesn't prove a thing. You need proof for your so-called delieverance?

The Captain said...

The subject is not about me, but you failed to prove any statitical data that points us in the direction whereby we can confirm that homosexuals can execute committed relationships.

Justice MH said...

@Captian: LOL! I'll let you excuse the topic of you this time. Like i said captian STOP trying to group us gays as sexual animals. People like you like to do that, huh? You like to focus on homosexuals. Focus on hetersexuals, like over 55% of infidelity, domestic violence, and over 3 times of remarriage possible more. Hetersexuals aren't a perfect role model.GET OVER IT! The fact is some are capable with monogamy gay or straight. Some for the time being is not gay or straight. Now GET OVER IT!

Anonymous said...


dude wtf is wrong with you? Its people like you that makes the world suck for gay people! I'm gay and i certainly am not promiscuous or a sexual monster in any way. I heard of many homosexual couples that have lasted well over 5 years. All the steriotypes of homosexual people are absolutaly false for most gays. It's just infuriating to hear these things and people beleive them. I hope that you can come to see that you can put gay people as a whole... you cannot generalize. It's the same with heterosexual people. If I see a straight guy doing something stupide, i don't automaticly think that every straight person is stupide. Understand? When will homophobes learn not to post these kind of things on the internet? They only get bashed for it for weeks or months.