Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Religious Groups Show their Pride in NY!!!

Religious Groups led through the streets of New York City a gay pride parade that feature a jumble of drag queens in feather boas, marching bands, motorcycle-riding lesbians, rugby players and samba dancers. The event was a true show of pride for everyone in attendence.

We stand for a progressive religious voice," said Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum of New York City's Congregation Beth Simchat Torah. "Those who use religion to advocate an anti-gay agenda, I believe, are blaspheming God's name."

Amen Rabbi! Not only anit-gay, but anti-female, anti-science, and anti-black is blaspheming in God's name! However, they have no shame!

Kleinbaum, who heads the world's largest predominantly gay synagogue, and the Rev. Troy Perry, founder of the Metropolitan Community Church, were the New York parade's grand marshals, waving from hers-and-his convertibles.

The march took place days after the New York State Assembly passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, which Gov. Eliot Spitzer supports. Although the bill is unlikely to pass the Republican-controlled state Senate anytime soon, parade-goers said they were cheered by the Assembly's action.

This is one very important step toward full equality for all New Yorkers," Kleinbaum said.
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, one of the nation's most prominent openly gay elected officials, said she could not predict when the Senate might approve same-sex marriage.

As in past years, exhibitionists were also on display as the parade inched down Fifth Avenue and into Greenwich Village. Some revelers gyrated in bikini briefs and pranced in spike heels.

But the placement of the Christian, Jewish and Buddhist religious organizations near the head of the march — ahead of AIDS service groups and political advocacy groups — gave them unaccustomed prominence.

The gay Catholic group Dignity had a float and a giant rainbow flag. Jeff Stone, secretary of the New York chapter, said he was hopeful the church would someday change its stance opposing homosexuality.

"We see that the opinion of ordinary Catholics is changing," he said. "Eventually what happens at the grass roots percolates up in the church."

Mayor Michael Bloomberg marched with Quinn and other elected officials, including Lt. Gov. David Paterson.

Toni Cinanni of Perth, Australia, said she was surprised at the prominence of the church groups.

"I thought the religious groups had hijacked the parade," she said. "I couldn't put it together, religion and sexuality."

New York's parade featured contingents of gay police officers and firefighters, as well as ethnic gay groups including South Asians, Haitians and American Indians. An Argentinian and Uruguayan group featured an Eva Peron impersonator in a flowing gown.
Tens of thousands of people attended the march. Spectators lining Fifth Avenue included gay people sporting rainbow flags and curious tourists

Justice MH Final Thoughts: It's great to see religious groups showing pride. The mayor, and other New York public Officals was great to see there! Religious groups see that everyone is God's creation, and are celebrating who they are!


Anonymous said...

These people maybe religious, but forsaken God.

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Awww Captain, give it up!
NO one has forsaken GOD! God already knows that!

Anonymous said...

A sinful mess and even more dangerous to support that which God hates.

Justice MH said...

@Captain: You need to really check yourself!

God doesn't hate, that's those like you who enjoy that JOB!
Don't label God with your human flaws!

Anonymous said...

Oh God doesn't hate? Someone needs to read the bible a little more.