Saturday, June 16, 2007

GQ Does Gay Dads a Solid for Father's Day !!!

GQ, the men’s quarterly that’s really a monthly, has a feature in its new issue called "A GQ Guide to Being a 21st Century Dad." In the guide readers can find Vernon Scott, Martin Lofsnes and five-year-old Demian Lofsnes-Scott, two New York dads and their son.

Justice MH's Thoughts: I want to wish these dads a happy father's day, and God bless them, for being there for their five-year old son. I hope they have fun today tomorrow! Now, I will have my post on Father's day early tomorrow AM. It was last month during Mother's Day, captian said will be interesting to see what I have say for father's day. Well i won't hold back on what i want to say on that day. So tomorrow Justice MH's thoughts on father's day. I should say my day, but my thoughts on that day tomorrow AM!

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