Thursday, June 21, 2007

'Ex-gay' Charlene Cothran on '700 Club'

I just finish watching this deeply flawed segment on 700 Club. As i said before, I do NOT watch this show. This show and channel will soon be ban from my cable service.

Anyway, charlene sound good, but didn't deliver what are story is suppose to be about.

I also find it amazing that Pat robertson knows what's in every gay person's heart, and how God handles people that God created. Back to Charlene, she talk a good game, but alot people aren't fooled. One thing stuck out, and some other things to, and i will address that closer in another post.

One thing that stuck was when she was asked whether she was still attracted to women, and is she now attracted to men? Cothran replied, "I'm living a celibate life. I'm so focused on the spirit right now, that I have no urges for anyone -- man or woman."

Okay, if you are living a celibate life, you can't even begin to claim that you are no longer gay. You also can't claim that you are straight. You are simply celibate! It's fine to say that you have chosen celibacy, as you feel that your faith will not allow you to continue having same-sex relations. However, it's duplicitous to bring the idea of "change" or "redemption" into the picture until you have some actual physiological reason to believe that you have changed your actual physiological truth. Charlene as i just said hasn't proven a thing.

Pat Robertson doesn't back himself or this flawed segment he present. Wonderful story? I don't think so. Pat doesn't even begin to discuss the nature of sexual orientation or even convey accurate and fair Biblical teaching on the subject, but rather he just blindly commands that gays are broken, detached from Jesus, and in need of prayer. He is not only misconstruing science and reality, but also putting words into Jesus' mouth (something I can't imagine such a misunderstood, misrepresented figure would appreciate).

Dare I say Robertson is bearing false witness? Yea, I will unapologetically say that. Just like Ms. Cothran has nothing other than her newfound celibacy to justify her claims that she has been "redeemed" or "changed," Pat Robertson has no real basis to parlay Cothran's story into some sort of proof that one can cure "the gay" with a hearty dose of prayer. After all, all Ms. Cothran has really done is STOP HAVING SEX OF ANY SORT. If Mr. Robertson wants to testify that folks can readily deny themselves of their biological attractions in order to appease their faith views, I will beg to differ in it. I may find it silly, but I will say that one CAN NOT Change, deliver, cleansed, or cured (with or without Jesus' assistance), it is NOT needed. If it something to be removed by GOD, then everyone would be successful, but none have been. It's like i always say people can convince themselves or live in denial, but the fact is you can't pray away the gay. Yes God is all-powerful, but sexual orientation needs NO pray! This segment told alot what i already predicted of what it was. h/t Jeremy@goodasyou.

I will have a detail examination of Charlene interview, either tonight or early am morning-Justice MH!


Anonymous said...

Charlene is walking with God and no matter how much homosexuals talk about her, she has a mission from God to reach out to the thousands of people who are hurting dealing with homosexuality trying to find that way of escape. There is always an escape for those who fall in sin and want redemption and that is found in Jesus Christ. So, you can do your "examination", but remember, the carnal mind cannot comprehend spiritual things.

Justice MH said...

@Captian: Please! captain everyone has GOD! Who's hurting from homosexuality? YOU?

Escape from what, yourself? FOOL!

LOL! Carnal Mind? Spiritual things? This has nothing to do with that! If GOD had a problem with your sexual orientation, you would be married with kids, and NOT working the hell on my nerves!

Being Celibate does NOT your mean a change, redeem, or escape from a sexual orientation! She simply doesn't have sex with man or woman. She still a lesbian, but celibate. And you are still GAY!

Fact: Religious conversion does NOT change sexual orientation. You can't pray away the gay!

The TRUTH can be a b*tch!

Anonymous said...

I see you have a lot of learning to do. As my father would say, "keep waking up in the morning..."