Wednesday, June 27, 2007

CNN Poll: Majority Believes Sexual Orientation cannot change!!!

This is no surprise, it's 2007! In a new CNN/Opinion Research Corporation poll, a majority of respondents (68%) have indicated a belief that gays cannot change their sexual orientation. Americans are now starting to see gays and lesbians cannot change their sexual orientation, no more than they can! Being gay is NOT something you click off, or on.It's also not like shoes or underwear that you can change. Every Major Mainstream Health,medical, and scientific organization has said being gay is NOT chosen, and has strong biological influences! The ex-gay ministries are failing to prove what they stand for. So duh! Sexual orientation cannot change, everyone should have known that! I will have post ex-gay ministries in the upcoming posts, more news, and etc!


Anonymous said...

Well, hold em' up gym shoe, you say that there are biological "influences", but nothing worthwhile. There is nothing "natural" about homosexuality, but I don't have time to explain to you the basis premises around that teaching, but keep going to school.

Second, This is just a poll seeking public opinion; you cannot attest to the education level, experience, or knowledge base people are using when answering these questions. For all you know, these are people who all were attending a gay pride event because some family member is gay and/or felt conformed to answer like the other candidates.

These results are baseless. There is ample amounts of evidence that proven people have changed their lives and left homosexuality alone. So, for every "argument" that try to place homosexuality as a holistic, healthy and acceptable lifestyle, there is counter arguments that are just as notable to also consider as well.

In my educational profession, this is what I do in Sociology, we study society and study people and groups of people and how their lives change themselves and their environment. Most Sociologists agree with me, homosexuality is a deviate behavior that is unhealthy and a risk to society. I know that is a hard pill to swallow, but one day you'll learn the mistake of your errors rendering support for ill causes.

Justice MH said...

@Captain: Your ass should be sleeping! Damn, do you dream abou homosexuality? On second thought, i don't want to know. Ew! I'm not going to argue about how homosexuality is natural.

The poll is base on the country, jackass. CNN is NOT going to go to a gay pride to get high percent. Think what your self-hating black gay azz wants to think!

The results are credible. The evidence about people who change their so-called lives is baseless!

The poll is hard pill to swallow captain, don't worry your NO walking miracle. Just so black gay man who stuck between religion and his sexual orientation, you're NO special case, but a usual one!

Speaking Sociologists, there are some i know that would disagree. The majority would know that you are in error as always. Homosexuality is natural, normal, and apart of some people that God created get over it!

Now take your black gay a$$ to bed, it's too damn late for your bullshit!

Anonymous said...

I think I am grown enough to know when to rest.

Anonymous said...

I have a question. The homosexual community has made a strong stand for their place in society. To a great degree, they are getting acceptance. Well what will happen when the pedafile community begins to speak up and defend their sexual orientation towards children? Should we as a society accept them because they say they cant help themselves, its in their genetic make-up?
I think this argument of whether we have a choice or not is bogus. I think when people say that they have no choice or can't help themselves, is like saying "the devil made me do it." These are the people who tend to blame society for all their mishaps in life and never take responsibility for themselves. When is enough, enough?

Anonymous said...

Homosexuals want the punishment of being called names, being discriminated against. Not being able to married, not being able to get their loved one insurance. YEAH.. they just want to be ridiculed by close mind individuals who think that the it is immoral. Most of these people think it is ok to go and get married and then cheat on their spouse or get a divorce. Religious freaks are bigots, who think everyone should be like them. Homosexuality is as much as a choice as being heterosexual. It smalled minds people like the captain who thinks if everyone don't have a house and 2.5 children that they are immoral. Well man you need to get a life. If you are in the sociology field, I feel sorry for your clients.. YOU QUACK!!!!!

Justice MH said...

To the one who mention pedfiles. Well, that is NOT a sexual orientation. Pedfiles abuse little children. There is no comparsion between the two!

Stop the ignorance, and stupidity!

Anonymous said...

Well didn't society think the same way about homosexuality 30 plus years ago? That homosexuality was not an orientation, it was a psychological disorder? Well these adult men and women who sleep with teenagers are drawn to them sexually like a man is attracted to another man. My only concern is what will we as a society do if pedafiles do organize and take a standard for their sexual rights, or what if teenagers make a voice demanding that the age limits. We all know the saying, "Age is nothing but a number." There is much debate about a teens right to have an abortion without parental concent, what if they want the right to date adults? These may seem like ignorant questions but think about it. It seems that there is a decay in the fine line between right and wrong. No one truly knows what right and wrong is anymore. It seems that everyone is doing what is right in their own eyes.

I am not against homosexuality, but I know that God clearly is. I believe like most homosexuals believe, that they were born this way. However, I also believe that we have a choice to be who we want to be. If one wants to be bisexual, homosexual, a serial killer, a rapist, a tagger, a gangster, sociologist, a teacher then so be it. They have chosen that path and no one can change their hearts unless they choose to change their own hearts. God wont even change a mans heart unless he or she is willing to change.
I think religious people need to stop pushing their beliefs on those who clearly do not want it pressed upon them. Religious people do have a duty to mankind to be loving and kind. Isn't that what almost all the religions of the world teach? To Love? Even Islam teaches that and they are even mistaken. I am not Muslim by the way, I respect their religion, I do not respect the finatics who twist the religion to fit their own political agenda. Likewise with the Christian arena.
I could go on but its late. I truly hope all this hatred from both sides of the fence quickly comes to an end. My homosexual friends are different than me but yet they are still my friends, I love them like my brother or sister. They are still human and they have rights. If their lifestyle is a sin, then let God be the judge of that. For the religious finatics who are so eager to change the heart of the homosexual community, stop forcing it or stop debating the issue! All you are doing is creating a deeper hatred for God. Again from what I understand, the bible teaches that "you are to love your neighbor as yourself." or how about, "do unto others, what you would have them do unto you." I think if you actually truly meet a homosexual, you might learn to love them. They are passionate people.
Now for my homosexual friends, just ignore them, don't even pick a fight with them. If God doesn't exist, then you have nothing to worry about. But if He does, then you have a lot of soul searching to do. We all do, because if what the bible teaches is true, then we as mankind have strayed so far from Gods instructions or laws to us. It won't be Him explaining Himself to us, but us explaining ourselves to Him.
Both sides just need to stop trying to be god.

Justice MH said...

@Anonymous: I will keep this short. It is because Science helping our culture understand that some people are gay and some are straight. The reason is because people thought different with no knowledge of it. So now we have plenty of knowledge to help.
As far as saying God is against homosexuality is inconclusive. Since holy books like the bible are not perfect, they don't represent or know the full mind of GOD! To me God knows why some people gay, and God is with us as the world continues to misunderstand us as human beings!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Jutsice MH. To some degree. Well spoken. I believe that the Bible was developed so that we as mankind might know the heart of God. Granted it was written by men who are not perfect, but if you would read the whole bible in its entirety and look at the history of it. You will discover that most of the authors in the Bible all lived in different times and yet the message of the bible is so consistant. If you compare the bibles of today with the old texts that have been preserved like the Dead Sea Scrolls, you will find a close resemblance in translation. I don't like people telling me what they know. I am the type to figure it out on my own. There are too many liars out there today. I wont take anyones word for it. So I read the bible myself. I have been working the Koran, I even dove into some mysticism when I was younger to understand it all.

Science does have a purpose, but it is not all that. From what I have seen from science, is that it is playing catch up with what God has already revealed to us.

You have a nice perception of God. I must say to be careful though. We so many times tend to try and create God in our own image instead of us in His image. That is why I believe the bible was developed, so that people like you and I might know God, instead of hearing from religious bigots who truly don't have a clue.

God does know the heart of a homosexuals. He alone knows the heart of men. We absolutely need to be careful not to put Him in a box. We need to be careful not to create a god in our image.

Again well said. I hope you find peace in your heart with the God of all the universe and not the god of your own heart.