Wednesday, June 13, 2007

NBJC lauches commerical to celebrates Freedom to Marry!!!

The three minute commercial starts commemorates the 40th Anniversary of the historic Loving Vs. Virginia court decision.Each couple shares how once under the law they were not permitted to marry but because of the Loving decision and the 2004 Massachusetts High Court decision, which permitted gay marriage within the state of Massachusetts they are now legally married.

Freedom to marry is often restricted based on religious-bigotry disguised as religious truth. Religious leader oppose interrical marriages base on their poor, unjust, and baseless bibical beliefs. They said it would destroy Marriage, and it was not God's will. Fast forward 40 years later, the same religious-bigotry is used against same-sex couples' right to marry the person they love.

Let's end religious-bigotry, now and forever!


Anonymous said...

Show me in the bible where homosexuals received God's blessing to marry or to join in an intimate union.

Until then, we should not allow same sex marriages or unions that is recognized legally within our borders.

Justice MH said...

@Captian: God is NOT bound by contradictory and fallible books like the bible, and quran.

These holy books visibly speak almost nowhere in these books.

Another thing personal religious beliefs are in no where valid for imposing on American federal and state, and local laws. This country may have freedom of religion but it has NO say in the laws, principles, or policies.

Don't worry captian, Marriage equality for same-sex couples will be a reality in America as a whole Not just one, and almost two states.

As i said book or no book, God is not bound to such contradicting, and inconsitent. God blesses these interrical marriages, and the same-sex marriages that are legal regardless if these holy books have less to say on the subject.
America is a place for freedom, and equality, and fairness. IT is NOT a place to impose baseless, and personal religious beliefs.

Equality is a value for all Americans!

Anonymous said...

Yes, God is bound, for He cannot lie, neither shall He repent for His word will last forever. There is only ONE holy book, the bible.

Equality would not be what it is today without God.

Justice MH said...

@Captian: Of course God is about equality.

Freedom to marry will be reality for all!!!