Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Black Ex-Gay to be Featured on 700 Club!!!

Charlene Cothran, then Black lesbian publisher, who is now a self-proclaimed ex-lesbian publisher of Venus Magazine. Charlene has now turned her gay magazine for Black gays into a ex-gay magazine of baseless theories, and ideology. Charlene has turned the magazine with pray-away the gay themes, which i don't recommend! Okay, from the top…Charlene Cothran, an African American ex-lesbian who is publisher of Venus Magazine, a magazine for Black ex-gays who have seen the light (with eyes rolling), has sent out a press release announcing her fifteen minutes of fame on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s “700 Club” Thursday, June 21st.

And I quote:

“If you have friends or family members who are struggling with homosexuality, encourage them to watch the 700 Club on Thursday – there IS hope!”

Yeah, i hope she stop this ex-gay nonsense, and myths. Just for the record and fact, being celibate does NOT make someone heterosexual. Just ask Donnie about being celibate. Black gay bloggers such as myself had no problem with charlene and her journey in life. But she just had to bash, and try to convert us. WHY?

Who say their struggling with something? I forget sometimes, i don't speak self-loathing, and self-denial language.

I haven't really address charlene on my blog, but i have read other black gay bloggers who have express some things on her, bloggers like Jasymne Cannick, and Darian. From her interviews she sounds lonely, and full of contradictions from her latest interview.

Anyway she will be feature on 700 club. I never watch that show at all, with a person, and so-called "christian like Pat Robertson. I think Jerry Falwell forgot his partner in crime. I doubt I’ll watch Charlene 's apperance on 700 club because for some reason my television seems to go blank when that program is on. I never understood why, lol. I'm thinking about banning that show and channel from my service. If a video get up on youtube, i'll have it up on here!

[More updates no later than 3pm-Justice MH]


Anonymous said...

I find Charlene an inspiration and read her comments and articles on the magazine's website. The very tool that the gay community gave her to promote this vile lifestlye has been turned to help people get out of it.

Believe it or not, there are thousands of people struggling with the their sexual identity. Many people know in their heart that heterosexuality is what God has ordained and that in their heart they are straight, but they are hounded and attacked by the homosexual world. There are many people who have walked away from homosexuality, closed their hearts to it and are living their lives, heterosexually and authentically.

One thing homosexuality tries to do is have you mind bound to the thoughts of perversion, lust and pride that you can do whatever you want and to maximize your pleasure and indulgence with the same one is looking, go ahead and be "free."

I don't think Charlene is "self-proclaimed", the bible say, "whom the son set free, is free indeed." Charlene got her deliverance from God and only the power of God can change this around...not by celibacy, or chaning behaviors in your own strength.

You say, "You can't pray away the gay," but that is according to whom? There is nothing impossible for God. God rejected homosexuality, never accepted it and never will. God blessed men and women, to be as one flesh, not two men or two women. If God can set drug addicts free, alcoholics free, gang bangers free, he can set someone sexuality free as well.

It is amazing how the very thing gay men and women love is the very thing that is killing them. Gay men, celebrating "gay pride" catching HIV/AIDS, saying it is "our" problem, is furthest from the truth. HIV/AIDS did NOT come from the heterosexual community, it started within the gay community. The very thing they celebrate is the very thing that is taking them off to death, by the thousands, killing them like flies. Yet, each year, homosexuals have to come together and worship the homosexual host of demons, (Baal, Belial, Ahab, Rebellion, Leviathan,Incubus, Succubus, etc) strengthening the homosexual agenda, ruining America.

We must say NO! Homosexuals will not take our familes, our society, our right to live morally correct and our posterity.

I hope one day you wake up and realize the errors you are making by supporting such causes in vein.

Justice MH said...

@Captian: I have ignored your ignroance for awhile, but you just keep begging for attention!

I will NOT give it to you! You're still GAY! GET OVER IT!

Anonymous said...

I guess that's your most intelligent, look how our school system failed our younger generation.

Justice MH said...

@Captian: Well Captian, when someone is spewing stupidity, you give short answers. You want to be a hetero, but you're a HOMO!

You gave such a long-old school response that stupid, ignorant, and arrogant. Look at how our school system has fail our older black-gay male generation!