Tuesday, June 26, 2007

BET's Meet the Faith: Black Homosexuality and Homophobia Debate!!!

BET's Meet the Faith is hosted by the hot Ian Smith. I was really happy to see Keith Boykin, Sheryl Lee Ralph, and former NBA player John Amaech. Keith was very vocal in challenging Bishop E. Bernard Jordon on how homosexuality is somehow NOT a "sin". Bishop Jordon say it's a sin if it's outside of marriage. All this with a belief that sex is exclusive to marriage is just silly, but like fellow blogger Larry Lyons, I'm kindy sex-positive myself. But you gotta love religion, if it can control some things, how about sexual issues/morality as well! Anyway, let's use that logic, so when gays get married, then people like the Bishop won't label it a so-called "sin". My girl Sheryl was passionate about this subject, and was telling it. The debate was a good start, and it has made quite a stir on BET's message Boards, community, blogs, and possibly many people now.

I will discuss more on this in another post! Time for the BET AWARDS 2007 Tonight!

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The Captain said...
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Justice MH said...

@Captain: That type of language will NOT be tolerated on here!

IF you are going to argue, than argue respectfully!

The Captain said...

Then you're not ready for real truth it seems.