Friday, June 15, 2007

Anti-Gay Supporter arrested for assaulting MA marriage equality supporter!

This must be the "family values", and "moral values" they like to talk about. So much for being christ-like, or turning the "other cheek". Christian outreach? Yeah, right! via:[365gaynews]:

"A woman who was part of a conservative Christian group rallying Thursday at the Massachusetts Statehouse for a proposed constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage is charged with assaulting a gay marriage supporter who was attending a rally across the street opposing the amendment.
Diane Steele, 52, was arraigned Friday on charges of assault and battery.

Steele, from Richmond in western Massachusetts, was one of about a hundred protestors calling on state lawmakers to approve the amendment and send it to voters in 2008.

Steele allegedly crossed the street and slapped the unidentified person. The victim was startled but not hurt.

Boston Police spokesperson James Kenneally said Steele apparently decided to "escalate" the debate into a physical confrontation".

Well She probably feel like God gave her permission to put her hands on somebody. Don't know what God that is? And this isn't first time conservative christitan groups have been charge with assaulting marriage equality supporters. So i'm not surprise. The hate, intolerance, and bigotry. You gotta love their version of "Christian values", right?


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@Captian: Well you support them!

Christ is so proud!!!

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