Monday, June 18, 2007

Are Women the blame for fatherless homes???

Well that's what Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson is saying, and of course it's from a minister and straight man's perspective. He says that it's time to look at how women are driving men out of the home (and with it, separating them from their children).He gives a lame a** excuse that men bear some of the responsibility, but that it's due to their inherent weakness for sex.

Most women themselves don't understand why they provoke and agitate their spouse to lash out or run away. They don't understand the subtle control they have over weak men.
-- Jesse Lee Peterson, founder and president of BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny

In other words, these all-powerful women must be controlled, and tamed!
He goes by showing his love, he declares that a man has to realize how he has to deal with women and assert his dominance, also with patience of course. This he says, is all about love and order:

He says:There's an order to life: God in Christ, Christ in man, man over woman, and woman over children. When this order is broken or violated you have "hell" on earth.
In a relationship the man often has an unnatural need for his wife or girlfriend. He's addicted to her approval and to her sex. The woman senses this wrong need the man has and she begins to test him. Often times, men find themselves giving in more and more in order to a receive her favor. Sometimes the demands of the woman become unbearable to the point that the man may lash out -- I'm not saying this is right, but this is the reality. There's been a deliberate plan to wipe out masculinity in society. When you wipe out the man you wipe out God, because the man represents God on earth. Then there?s no truth -- no light -- and no hope for the family.

In other words, these men who leave just can't help themselves; their testorone can't handle it, and they have fragile egos. It also seems that can't stand up to the power of the pu**y! Please, maybe this man needs a vagina to understand a woman!
Who's trying to wipe out masculinity? I wish there was a balance between masculinity, and feminism. He says when you wipe out man, you wipe out God? HUh? If man represents God, then who do women represent? I believe both do, but this reverand feels that an perfect God shares his sexism, but God simply doesn't. His radical views about women is disturbing, ignorant, and arrogant! Typical straight man.

He screams anti-gay ignorance:"

"Homosexuality is not about love, it's not about family, and it's not about civil rights. It's about sex ? and selfishness. It's about pleasure at the price of morality and dignity, with reckless disregard for the raising of the young and for the traditional family unit. In many cases, it's about imposing a perverse lifestyle on a society based on close adherence to traditional Judeo-Christian values.
...The claim that homosexual conduct is legitimate since it is the consequence of an attribute (orientation) beyond one's control is also extremely dangerous. Underlying this claim is the notion that anything someone may have an orientation or a predilection towards, no matter how wicked (rape, torturing children) is by definition legitimate, simply by virtue of his having a predilection toward it.

He is so ignorant about gays it's sad, and pathetic! It seems he thinks gays are souless, and non-feeling creatures. When you don't understand a issue, all kinds of sh*t run out peoples' mouth. Please reverand go to the bathroom, empty your mouth, and come back with intelligence, logic, and reason!
Aside from his stupidity about homosexuality[gays]. His take on women is typical straight men wanting the good ol' times with domniating and controlling women. But can you blame the reverand? No it's what he was taught, and the bible was written by men, and is very anti-female. God isn't anti-female, but the book is, and fallible. In the bible,if she is not a virgin on wedding night, take her to her fathers door and stone her to death. Something extreme like this is NOT from an all-loving God, but a fallible man/writer. All are responsible in a relationship, but no one should have control over anyone!

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Anonymous said...

Various reasons may cause for the father not to be in the home. I can say that God works with families, and when I say families, God only ordained MAN and WOMAN to be the leadership of the family. Any other structure (Man with man and woman with woman) is NOT a family. It is not condoned by God, neither blessed.

Fathers are under attack and the to get to the family, (wife and children), if the devil can get rid of the man, he can have the family and this is why we have so many socioeconomic issues today because fathers are not at home, providing, protecting and leading their familes.

Justice MH said...

@Captian: Whatever! What you said, take it, and choke on it!